Mexico is filled with traditions, colours and life.  It has one of the richest cultures in the world.  Its cultural, historical and artistic wealth is so palpable that it permeates every aspect of daily life and can be appreciated in every single corner of the country.

Mexico is recognised for its beautiful artistic textiles.  Mexican textile art has a long and rich history.  Most of Mexico‚Äôs handcrafts are still created through techniques that have not changed since before the Spanish arrival.

Mexico currently has 68 indigenous groups, each one of them having their own language, traditions and crafts.  Indigenous communities, although rich in culture, represent a disproportional amount of those people living below the poverty line and are at the same time the most marginalised communities in the country.


We are working with artisan communities to make a difference.

We are supporting communities by creating jobs, developing relationships and providing meaningful income for artisans and their families in the hope of contributing to their well-being and a stronger community. The artisans are empowered to work and feel valued, while improving the quality of their lives and giving their families a better future.

Purchases through +miel allow us to support artisan communities to preserve their cultural heritage and safeguard their cultural expressions, ensuring that these artisan techniques are not lost. +miel gives artisans the empowerment they need, by letting them know their cultural heritage is valued all over the world.

Together, we have the opportunity to promote these culturally-significant handcrafted pieces of art.


+miel is working to create better opportunities for women. 

Although women and men are equal before the law, there is undoubtedly a difference in terms of authority and privileges in Mexican society.  Women fall behind men in terms of their level of education, labour participation, and in terms of income.  Violence, abuse and discrimination against women is still very much present in Mexico. 

Artisan women often work from home while caring for their families.  They are amazing, hard-working and skilled individuals.  

+miel is working to transform their lives by helping them become stronger and more confident through our support for them, not only because of their work but because of who they are.