+miel was founded by Claudia Rodriguez along with her Australian husband Nicholas Batten.

Claudia is a Mexican-born textile designer. She studied Textile Design at Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, where her love for creativity and design flourished.  She has always been fascinated by Mexican traditions and has had a life-long connection with Mexican textiles.  Claudia has been lucky enough to work firsthand with Mexican artisans, learning their techniques, culture and history.  She was amazed by their vibrancy, hard-work and dedication to their craft, often through difficult social and economic conditions.

Shortly after moving to Australia, Claudia and Nicholas embarked upon the project of creating +miel as a way of connecting Mexico and Australia.  The vision behind +miel is to empower indigenous communities to share their artisan handcrafts with the world.  It is not just about creating beautiful products, but it is also about making the lives of indigenous artisan communities in Mexico more beautiful too.  This important purpose drives their mutual passion for this project.


about us

Behind every piece from +miel there is a story, a unique journey and a rich cultural heritage. 

Our beautiful collections are carefully handcrafted by indigenous artisan groups from Mexico. 

We entirely support indigenous Mexican skills and artisan techniques and aim to preserve the cultural heritage of Mexico for the benefit of present and future generations by creating an online eboutique that connects artisans with a broader audience.

We empower Mexican artisans by creating new jobs and developing relationships, which can lead to opportunities to improve the quality of life for the artisans, their children and their communities.