Tenango Cushions

The Artisans and the Technique

Embroiderer Tenango women, from the state of Hidalgo, show us how a plain piece of cotton cloth can be brought to life with the magic of a needle and thread.  For years these women have been taught how to master their craft and create these pieces of embroidered art. Often the knowledge is passed down grandmother to mother and from mother to daughter.  The artisans are dedicated and work tirelessly to create each piece. On average, creating a single cushion may take between two to three weeks.
The first step is to cut the cotton cloth to the required size. The cloth comes to life when the artisans draw the design by free-hand. The artisans find inspiration in their native plants and animals, everyday life, mystical creatures and symbolism. The artisans embroider each drawing with colourful thread. Every stitch is carefully done, since the back of the embroidery is considered as valuable as the front.  When the embroidery is finished, the cloth is hand-washed to remove the traces of the silhouettes drawn in the first outline. If the piece of work is to become a cushion, the edges are sown and a concealed zipper is added.  Every embroidered work of art we sell, allows us to support the people from Tenango and San Nicolás to preserve this valuable tradition and to ensure that it continues into the next generation.