Oaxacan Earrings

The Artisans and the Technique
The Zapotecs are indigenous people who inhabit the southern states of Mexico (mainly Oaxaca). They live in a region called Isthmus of Tehuantepec and have been the foremost goldsmiths of Mesoamerica. The metallurgical work among the Zapotecs is well-developed. In Zapotec culture, women are very important and are called Tehuanas. They are often adorned in precious jewellery during celebrations.
Filigrana (Filigree) is one of the techniques perfected by these amazing craftspeople. This delicate kind of jewellery metalwork consists on transforming gold-plated copper threads and tiny beads by twisting, crimping and fusing to form these beautiful earrings.
Our filigree earrings have been created following this precious traditional artwork.