Chiapas Mobiles

The Artisans and the Technique

Chiapas is well known for being one of the most colourful states in Mexico. This largely due to its location in the Lacandon Jungle. The heart of this rainforest biosphere reserve contains 25% of all Mexican animal species, among which, are jaguars, butterflies, birds, trees and fish. These vivid surroundings have inspired the indigenous women from Chiapas to create fascinating plush pom-poms made out of multi-coloured cotton yarn.
These Mexican artisans transform soft, flimsy yarn threads into lively pom-poms, which are strung together to create a marvellous decorative accent. And importantly, in doing so, they preserve the techniques of their traditional Mayan ancestors.  Selling these mobiles to a broader audience gives the women of Chiapas a sustained income and an opportunity to live a better life.